"F*CK YEAH NOLA": New Orleans for the weekend

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to link up again with Zach Deputy who I'm currently the traveling photographer for. We met up in New Orleans on Friday September 30, 2016 for the Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival. The festival was held at Mardi Gras World and had acts such as The Flaming Lips, George Clinton, Soulive, and The Nth Power just to name a few.

We left Orlando on Thursday to make a stop in Jacksonville to take some live photos of the band New Kingston who was playing at 1904 Music Hall in downtown Jax. Early Friday morning, it was time to hit the road again for another 10 hours. We made it into beautiful New Orleans right on time to catch Zach's Friday set which he actually performed with a full band.

The remainder of my Friday consisted of exploring the city and all that it has to offer. I had the chance to wander around the French Quarter, Uptown, and The Garden District. I've been to a lot of places but I have to say the New Orleans might possibly be my new favorite city; there's so much art, culture, and history all over.. its so easy to feel inspired. (Side note: I had the best meal of my entire life at a brunch place called Atchafalaya.)

Saturday was a very eventful day for me and my camera. Spent the morning following Zach around to get behind the scenes shots before finally catching his final set of the weekend which he performed by himself as he usually does. Also got to run around to shoot some of the other stages and acts including the Flaming Lips who put on one of the most beautiful visual shows I have ever seen. 

If you ever feel too tired to get up and do something even though you know you probably should, make your own energy and get up. Nothing in life is easy, everything is earned and if you're "too tired" to achieve your dreams.. well there is someone else out there that is fighting through exhausting to achieve exactly the same thing that you "want" to do and they're going to take whats yours while you're still in bed. So if The Flaming Lips is playing in 30 minutes but you can't even keep your eyes open because you haven't slept in 60 hours, whats an extra 3 hours? Get up and do it because its what you love and you might get the shot of your life.


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