"i just kinda wanna listen to LANY"

One of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced is watching an audience be completely lost in the music. Most people expect a show to be full of mosh pits and rage.. but seeing fans be zoned-out with tunnel vision as they watch their favorite artist perform a song they have only heard through their car speakers is indescribable. The room was full of so much positive energy. Click on the first image in the grid below to see my capture of this moment.

The concert promoter that I work for, ONElive Music, booked LANY (who is one of my favorite bands) to perform at Backbooth on 10/13/16. They put on such a beautiful show.. it was hard to work because all I wanted to do was watch and listen. Their light show was visually captivating and added another dimension to the concert experience; it really complimented the music. Transviolet also performed, they were the support act of the tour. I hadn't heard of them until this tour but they definitely got my attention. Such a good time!

With so much hurt and hate in the world, its really refreshing to be able to squeeze into a room with 350 other people to peacefully bond over some good music.


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