"if you're still bleeding, you're the lucky ones."

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My last blog was about shooting one of my all time favorite bands, LANY. Well 2 days ago, I had the opportunity to shoot another band that meant a lot to me. The band Daughter came into my life at an extremely low point of mine... they're song "Landfill" helped me get through some tough family things I was going through. Seeing the songs played live after only hearing them through headphones was nothing less than euphoric. 

Like the LANY show, the entire crowd at this show was completely mesmerized by the music. It was a difference type of connection though.. People at the Daughter show were emotionally connected to the music because of how relatable all of their songs are.. A lot of their songs are about love and the inevitable sad side of it.... Heart break. You could tell that everyone in there knew the exact pain the Elena was going through when she wrote it.

The show in general was phenomenal, everyone there was on the same wavelength. We were all there for the same reason.. to listen to great music that speaks to us. You could tell by the energy in the room that there was as a lot of love and positivity (but also hurt); everyone was so nice, which is not usually the case when I shoot concerts. It was such a pleasure to shoot for Daughter.. big thanks to them and Vancouver Sleep Clinic for putting on such a great show.


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