Good Charlotte in Rhode Island

Photo Nov 11, 9 35 10 PM.jpg

I had the opportunity to fly up to New England and explore Boston a bit. While in the area, I took a share trip to Providence, Rhode Island to shoot Four Year Strong on the Youth Authority Tour which was headlined by Good Charlotte with the support of The Story So Far and Big Jesus. Such an indescribable feeling to shoot my favorite band from middle school, Good Charlotte. Their music meant so much to me back then and it still does to be honest. If you haven't listened to them lately, I recommend you go back to feel some nostalgia and also listen to their new stuff, its actually really good.

I got to the venue with my friend Amanda and it was in the 40's and I was completely unprepared, I WAS FREEZING. So we hide in a Starbucks for about an hour waiting for doors. Well that hour eventually ended and we had to head out and deal with the weather that this Floridian was definitely unprepared for. The line outside of Lupo's wrapped around the building and after waiting it out and almost freezing to death, I realized the guest list and press pass had its on line that at the time was only 5 people long. Wish I would have realized that earlier but oh well, I wouldn't be able to write about it right now if i hadn't (thats me trying to justify it).

The venue had a really cool layout, it had a seated balcony at the top and the bottom floor was general admission with some cool lounge couches along the wall. While in the photo pit, I experienced was most wild show I've ever seen; I've been to hundreds if not thousands of shows but this show had by far the most crowd surfers I have ever seen. I had people falling on top of me and kicking my gear while shooting, I'm surprised I got any shots honestly. Tt was a good time though because I got to shoot along side my homie Ryan Watanabe and I got to meet a Patrick Moran who is another talented photog. Both are doing some dope stuff in the photography world so definitely look them and give them a follow!


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