BTS Photos for Hoyle's New Music Video "Jenny's Room."


A couple of weeks ago, we all got together to shoot 2 music videos at a warehouse downtown. Nathan (Hoyle's frontman) and I walked up to the building that looked pretty run down and had an auto mechanic sign outside, we were like "there is no way that this is the building." Shortly after, the whole crew showed up and we eventually realized that we were at the right place. Inside was a cool little church... we would have never guessed. 

We spent about 4 or 5 hours in there shooting. My favorite thing about working with this crew was the fact that there was no messing around. We took virtually no breaks, there was no slacking, and everyone was always working on something. This crew consisted of people that don't understand the concept of being lazy and only know how to hustle.. and the video proves that. It's a crazy thought to think that we are working at 100mph but enjoying every second of it, what a blessing.

That being said, I work work with all of these guys over and over and over again, love you all. Please watch the video below to see how great of a job everyone did. Also, scroll past the video to see some of the behind the scenes shots I took. I'm really proud of being a part of this one!

**Also available on Spotify and Apple Music.

- Hoyle: Nathan Beam, AP Harris, Corey Chin
- Director: Josiah Sampson
- Cinematographer: Seth Dunlap
- Film Team: Christian Gonzalez + Peter Roquemore
- Producer: Jeremiah Dunlap
- Actress: Renée Gabrielle Tooley
- Location: the Cross Orlando 

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