Okeechobee Fest 2018

What an incredible weekend at Okeechobee Fest shooting for Miami New Times. This was my second year shooting the event and I was so incredibly happy to be back!

I really wanted to mention the highlight of my weekend at Okee Fest but truthfully, every minute of the 4 days were incredible. The first day was spent setting up camp, scoping out the stages, and going over the schedule. It was the calm before the storm. I did most of my prepping with my good friend Chris Lampkins who also did coverage of the event.

I can't seem to think of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as three separate days because I slept about an hour each night. If you've never been to Okee Fest, there is music going on pretty much all day and night.. which means I did coverage practically around the clock. Let me also clarify that this is what I live for. The only thing I love more than photography is music and to be working with both at the same time is my dream come true.

During my weekend, I photographed not only music but also a wedding! (see photos below) But as for the music, I capture some great photos of artists like Snoop Dogg, Hippo Campus, The Flaming Lips, Illenium, Foster the People, Khalid, and Halsey just to name a few. Shooting festivals like this one always excites me because the production is always amazing, it always photographs so beautiful, especially The Flaming Lips (who I previously shot in New Orleans in 2016). Travis Scott though.. his production was amazing for the audience but a nightmare for photographers. Yes, the lighting was beautiful but there was so much strobing going on that it was difficult to find the right exposure.. and by the time you dialed in, everything would change. I would definitely say it was the must challenge set of shot but thats what made it the most fun.

The lack of sleep was definitely worth it, it wouldn't have traded it for the world. I'm super thankful to have had the opportunity to come back for a second year in a row. Thank you Miami New Times for having me and thanks to Okeechobee Fest for keeping us photographers safe and organized.. until next year!