Wallie Wanders does Nashville

It's always a good time working on a project for H collective. This time, I flew out to Chicago to take a road trip on @WallieWanders! While on the trip, I documenting the adventure that the group went on. The group consisted of 6 photographers and models that didn't know each other before the trip.

I flew in to Chicago a day before the actual road trip began and got to spend some time hanging out with Wallie's owner, Michael Snell. He showed some awesome bbq, which I didn't even know that Chicago had good bbq! We also did some shopping to gather some supplies that we needed for the trip.

The following day, we were off! The crew consisted of Jack, Norma, Elizabeth, Josh, Dennis, and Kayla, we hit the road a bit later than we wish but it was fun nonetheless. We got into Nashville at around 4AM which yes, it was super late.. but we had plans to shoot at sunrise which only give us about 1.5 hours to sleep.

Anyway, I could go on and on about what we did but rather than me tell you, I'll just show you! The video below shows the highlights of our trip; what it was like sleeping in an RV with strangers (who I know consider some of my closest friends), hosting a meet up in a city where we barely knew anyone, making stops in National Parks, and so much more!

A huge thanks to H Collective for allowing this trip to happen! This trip really proves that they connect creatives with other creatives around the country. Download The H Hub app to find creatives to collab with. Create more art!