A few weeks back, my good friend Jesse came to Michael Lewis and me about a photo shoot idea that he had. He wanted to give a visually representation of one of his daughters favorite poems called “Untitled” by Anonymous. The vision he had for it was to have 2 female models in an old school diner. One model would wear a white t-shirt with blue denim, the other would portray a waitress at the diner. Much credit to Jesse for thinking this up and putting it all together; he found the perfect models for it and diner that couldn't have been more perfect.

One of the most exciting parts of this project, for me, was being able to use both sides of KDS One Studio. Let get you up to date here; Studio One recently merged with KDS Recording.. now you’ll be able to find 21,000 sq ft of music, film, and photography all under one roof.. and this video would be the first of many collaborative projects to come!

Once all the filming and tracking audio was done, it was time to hit the editing bay.. and yes, you guessed it… is right across the hall from the Studio C.

This was a really fun one for me, I stepped out of my comfort zone by shooting with the intention of putting dialogue over the visuals. My typical editing style is very fast paced and chopped up but adding voice over definitely changes the cadence of a video. I learned a lot from this one.

Thanks to everyone who was part of this, especially Jesse for inviting us! Looking forward to the next one.


Poem: “Untitled” by Anonymous
Waitress: Elena Mika
Girl: Samy Santana Perez
Voiceover: Samy Santana Perez
Audio/Visuals: KDS One Studios
Producer: Jesse Walker
Director of Photography: Herb Gonzalez
Cinematographer: Michael Lewis
Editor: Herb Gonzalez
Audio Engineer: RICO 5000
Diner: Kappy’s Subs